onsdag, november 03, 2010

The Swedish Comic Sin 4/11

Exhibition, November 4-21
Open: Thur 17-20, Sat 13-17, Sun 13-17

Opening: November 4 at 17-20

10 artists portray erotic meetings with a touch of exotic Swedish sinfulness!
This anthology project started as a test, too see if a couple of aspiring Swedish artists was ready to draw intimate sex comics and show it to the world. Some of them was first timers while others was veterans in this field, and the result was presented in a superhot first volume in April this year.
The exibition gives you sneak peek into the dirty minds of these young new artists: Natalia Batista, Catarina Batista, Diana Davidsson, Fanny M Bystedt, Emelie Friberg & Mattias Thorelli, Hannah Oredsson, Emi Greneby, Robin Ragnarsson, T. Wadbro and Nathalie Nilsson.

The Swedish Comic Sin exhibition is a part of the AltCom 2010 comics festival:

See what else is happening during AltCom at the AltCom 2010 Facebook event:

Swedish Comic Sin blog:


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