tisdag, februari 16, 2010

20/2 MEXICALI av Max Herrlander och Juan Palacio

Nu på lördag visar vi MEXICALI, en film av Max Herrlander och Juan Palacio

Vi öppnar 19:00, visningen av filmen MEXICALI
kommer starta 20:00.

taget från ww.yau.com:

"The term 'Indie film' can't be used when describing films made in Mexico because, simply put, there is no industry from which to be independent . The correct term would be underground films because of their precarious budgets, radical themes and sublime trash aesthetic. Without a doubt, 'Mexicali' is the underground movie of the year."

— Renato Ornelas, 192 Magazine

Filmmakers Max Herrlander and Juan Palacio have come together to create something that they believe has never been seen before. Palacio and Herrlander's juxtaposed perceptions of the Mexico/US border intersect in a story about attaining a higher knowledge through the practice of "not giving a fuck". The film combines varying levels of documentary and fiction in a story that was constantly evolving and changing radically up to the final day of editing. This is a truly personal project that is created out of a desire to improve humanity's quality of life and give us all new hope.

+ annat spännande material Max har med sig att visa...

på hemsidan kan man bl a se en trailer:


Läs om Maxicali i Svenska dagbladet!

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